English Grammar Exercises Free

English Grammar exercises free are available for practice online of offline. Parts of speech exercises, English exercises, Basic English exercises are free to download English grammar exercise in PDF. Here is a full list of grammar exercises. These grammar exercises are accessible free to everyone.

English Grammar Exercises free

A, An, The Articles Exercises

Parts of speech exercises

Noun Exercises

Common and Proper Noun Exercises

Collective Noun Exercises

Material and Abstract Noun Exercise

Noun Gender Exercise

Noun Number : Singular Plural nouns exercise

Pronoun Exercises

Personal Pronoun Exercise

Possessive Pronoun Exercise

Demonstrative pronoun Exercise

Distributive pronoun Exercise

Reciprocal pronoun Exercise

Reflective Pronouns Exercise

Emphatic Pronoun Exercise

Indefinite Pronoun Exercise

Relative Pronoun Exercise

Interrogative Pronoun Exercise

Exclamatory Pronoun Exercise

Adjective Exercises

Adjective of quality exercise

Adjective of quantity

Adjective of number or numeral adjective exercise

Possessive adjective exercise

Proper adjective exercise

Distributive adjective exercise

Demonstrative adjective exercise

Interrogative adjective exercise

Emphasizing Adjective exercise

Degree of Comparison Exercise

Tenses Exercises

Present tense exercise

Past tense exercise

Future tense exercise

Simple Present Tense Exercise

Present Continuous Tense Exercise

Present Perfect tense exercise

Present perfect continuous tense

Past indefinite tense exercise

Past Continuous Tense Exercise

Past Perfect tense exercise

Past perfect continuous tense

Past Indefinite Tense Exercise/ Simple Past Exercise

Present Continuous Tense Exercise

Present Perfect tense exercise

Present perfect continuous tense

Verb Exercises

Transitive and Intransitive Verbs exercises

Forms of verbs exercises

Auxiliary Exercises

Modal Auxiliary exercises

Active and Passive Voice Exercises

Direct and Indirect Speech Exercise/ Reported Speech Exercise

Adverb exercises

Adverbs of time exercise

Adverbs of place exercise

Adverbs of number/Frequency exercise

Adverbs of quantity/degree exercise

Adverbs of manner exercise

Adverbs of reason exercise

Adverbs of Affirmation/Negation

Interrogative Adverbs Exercise

Relative Adverbs exercise

Preposition exercises

Prepositions of time exercise

Prepositions of place exercise

Preposition mixed exercises

Conjunction exercises

coordinating conjunctions exercises

Subordinating conjunctions exercises

Conjunctions of time exercise

Conjunctions of cause/reason exercise

Conjunctions of result exercise

Conjunctions of purpose exercise

Conjunctions of condition exercise

Conjunctions of concession/contrast

Conjunctions of comparison exercise

Conjunctions of manner/extent exercise

Non-Finites exercises

Infinitive exercises

Gerund Exercises

Participle exercises

Question Tags exercises

Common error exercises

Synonyms exercises

Antonyms/Opposite words Exercises

One Word Substitution exercises

Phrasal verbs exercises

Words often confused exercises

Idioms and phrases exercises

Spelling test

Since For exercises

Why English grammar exercises?

We know that everybody is learning or studying English in the world. English is a very important language for us. When we learn any rule of grammar, we have to do exercises to check our knowledge. English grammar exercises are very important resource. ESL learners can download or practice online through these exercises. These exercises are useful for the students for preparing exams. If you want to improve your English, you must solve these exercises.

What is in the English Grammar exercises free?

English is spoken all over the world. People speak different types of sentences to expresses their thoughts or ideas in English. English grammar exercises contain the following questions:

  • Fill in the blanks
  • Correct/Incorrect sentences
  • Matching
  • Complete the sentences
  • Choose the correct option
  • Vocabulary words
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Essay writing
  • Picture composition

Are These English Grammar exercises free?

Yes, these grammar exercises are free to download. Anyone can download or view these exercises. Some exercises are available in pdf. The knowledge of English Grammar is very important for everyone.

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