Examples of Present Continuous Tense Sentences (Present Progressive)

Examples of Present Continuous Tense Sentences (Present Progressive Tense). Present Continuous Tense is used to talk about expressing the actions that are happening in front of our eyes or are about to happen. Examples of Present Continuous Tense can give you an idea of how to make them.

Present Continuous Tense Sentences are formed by using the auxiliary verb (forms of the verb to be) is, am, and are as helping. The main verb of these sentences is the base form of the verb with -ing. Let’s see the examples of present continuous tense below;

Examples of Present Continuous Tense

  • He is telling a story now.
  • She is reading a book in the room.
  • They are playing chess with their friends.
  • They are living in Kanpur these days.
  • She is a good singer. She is singing.
  • Don’t go outside. It is raining today.
  • Please keep quiet. I am singing a song.
  • Those boys are making a noise in the class.
  • He is teaching his students Mathematics.
  • She is washing her clothes.
  • We are dancing.
  • The peon is ringing the bell.
  • I am learning my lesson.
  • These girls are plucking flowers.
  • You are playing the match now.
  • The man is playing with a knife now.
  • You are accepting your mistake.
  • The man is sitting under the tree.
  • They are coming from the city.
  • Our team is playing the match well.
  • They are running on the ground.
  • This computer is working fine.
  • Gagan is working with these workers.
  • Shyam is searching for his lost purse.
  • These students are studying mathematics.
  • The cow is eating the green grass in the field.
  • Our new manager is having dinner in the room.
  • Please keep quiet. The child is sleeping now.
  • They are planning to study abroad in the future.
  • She is a teacher. She is teaching maths now.
Examples of Present Continuous Tense Sentences (Present Progressive)
Examples of Present Continuous Tense Sentences (Present Progressive)


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Examples of Present Continuous Tense Negative Sentences

  • Rahul is not singing a song.
  • Sachin is not going to school.
  • We are not sleeping now.
  • You are not bathing.
  • Rama is not plucking the flower.
  • Shobha is not going to the temple
  • The cat is not drinking milk.
  • They are not wasting time.
  • Ramesh is not drinking tea.
  • You are not going today.
  • Megha is not eating the food.
  • The horse is not running.
  • We are not buying a book.
  • Rakesh is not going to Mumbai.
  • They are not making a chair.
  • The man isn’t buying these old cars.
  • She is not crying at the moment.
  • We are not traveling on the train now.
  • They are free today. They are not working on any project.
  • The honest man of our team isn’t coming here.
  • This lazy boy is not studying today.
  • Jack isn’t sitting under the tree right now.
  • You are not irritating me.
  • The man isn’t helping us to pick up the box.
  • The magician is not showing magic in the show now.
  • He isn’t going to have a party.
  • The doctor isn’t treating the patients in the hospital.
  • I am not riding my bike fast.
  • George and Peter aren’t buying vegetables from the store.
  • That man isn’t fighting with me right now.
  • She isn’t reading 100 Examples of nouns in sentences.

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Yes-No Type Interrogative Sentences of Present Continuous Tense

  1. Am I speaking loudly?
  2. Is Gaurav running in the park today?
  3. Is grandfather going to Mathura by car?
  4. Is Megha cooking the food in the kitchen?
  5. Are these girls playing in the classroom?
  6. Am I cleaning the room now?
  7. Is Ravi bathing in the Ganga with his friends?
  8. Is Radhika eating the food in the restaurant?
  9. Is Manisha sleeping on the floor?
  10. Are you winning the race?
  11. Are you plucking the flowers in the garden?
  12. Are we eating the food?
  13. Am I going to the temple?
  14. Is the watchman opening the door?
  15. Are they watching T.V.?
  16. Are we going to meet Mr. Jackson tomorrow?
  17. Is he playing cricket well now?
  18. Are you going to buy this computer?
  19. Is he coming to meet you in the evening?
  20. Is this girl cleaning the floor now?

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Wh-word Type Interrogative Sentences of Present Continuous Tense

  1. What are you doing in the park?
  2. Why are you sleeping on the table?
  3. Where is he going to walk now?
  4. Why is he ringing the bell?
  5. Where are you going to buy this computer?
  6. Why is he dancing alone?
  7. Whom are you teaching history lessons?
  8. What are the birds flying in the sky?
  9. How is she washing her clothes?
  10. Whose child is singing a song?
  11. Who is calling you outside?
  12. Whose books are you reading?
  13. Why is your teacher beating you?
  14. Why are you writing a letter to me?
  15. Why are we playing chess?
  16. How is your mother doing that work?
  17. Who is going to have a big party today?
  18. What’s happening here?
  19. What is she searching for now?
  20. Who is showing magic at the party?

Interrogative Negative Sentences of Present Continuous Tense

  1. Am I not eating cherry?
  2. Are you not learning your lesson?
  3. Is he not doing her work?
  4. Are they not going to the hospital?
  5. Is Rohit’s brother not playing cricket?
  6. Are these boys not singing?
  7. Are you not sleeping now?
  8. Is the peon not ringing the bell?
  9. Is your brother not beating?
  10. Are they not always speaking the truth?
  11. Are these boys not wasting their time?
  12. Are you not reading William Shakespeare’s novel?
  13. Is the gardener not plucking the flower?
  14. Is the washerman not washing the clothes?
  15. Is it not raining here today?
  16. Are you not helping the people?
  17. Am I not trying to catch the bus?
  18. Are they not preparing for the examination?
  19. Is the man not playing cricket with children?
  20. Why are you not closing the door?
  21. Who is not making this kite?
  22. What is the boy not doing there?
  23. How many girls are not coming today?
  24. Why is this man not washing his car?
  25. What is the man doing with the machines?

Examples of Present Continuous Tense (Present Progressive Tense)

Rule of Present Continuous Tense

To make the sentences of present continuous tense, follow the steps given below:

Rule (1): If your subject is a singular noun or pronoun, we use ‘is’ with it.

  • He is running.
  • She is teaching.
  • It is raining.
  • Ram is coming.
  • This is dancing.
  • That is shaking.
  • The boy is sleeping.
  • The girl is crying.

Rule (2)Are‘ is used with plural pronouns or nouns.

  • We are reading.
  • You are reading.
  • They are playing.
  • The boys are jumping.
  • She and I are going.
  • The cows are grazing.
  • Those are working.
  • These are moving.
  • The men are fighting.

Rule (3)Am‘ is used with the personal pronoun ‘I‘.

  • I am walking.
  • I am studying.
  • I am thinking.

Rule (4) We use the base form of the verb (Verb I) with ing as the main verb of tense.

  • I am working here.
  • She is teaching maths.
  • The man is sitting there.
  • The boys are bathing in the pond.
  • They are playing football.

Sentence Structure

The sentence structure of affirmative sentences of present continuous tense is given below:

Structure: Subject + is/am/are + verb I + ing + object + other words


  • The doctor of this hospital is working.
  • I am doing my job here.
  • That driver is calling his owner.
  • Those girls are dancing now.
  • They are playing hockey in the park.
  • I am busy. I am working with my colleagues.
  • Gagan is searching for his lost purse.

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