Parts of Speech exercises : English Grammar

Parts of speech exercises in English grammar are available for practice in pdf. Parts of speech quiz questions with multiple choice answers, fill in the blanks and paragraph questions. Get these English grammar exercises free in PDF. Solving these exercises can help you improve your English.

Parts of Speech Exercises

We know that there are eight parts of speech in English grammar. If you have studied all parts of speech, check the exercises given to review your knowledge.

Exercise – 1 Find out the correct part of speech of the following italicized words:

  1. The girl is not clever.
  2. What do you want?
  3. The cow is grazing in the field.
  4. She wants to eat an apple.
  5. He has been learning Music for two months.
  6. How much oil have you used?
  7. People speak English all over the world.
  8. They cannot jump here.
  9. Today she is not in the office
  10. Edition invented the electric bulb.
  11. How do you know the truth.
  12. It may be true/
  13. Honesty is the best policy.
  14. India is the seventh largest country in the world.
  15. It is very hot today.
  16. There is a bridge across the river.
  17. She will have washed her clothes by 2 o’clock.
  18. I am your teacher.
  19. Kate is not honest.
  20. What do you do on Sunday?

Parts of speech exercise

Exercise – 2 Identify the parts of speech of each italicized word in the following sentences:

  1. You may sit here.
  2. He fled where his pursuers could not follow.
  3. He behaves badly.
  4. I shall punish you because you have done this.
  5. I spoke to his brother.
  6. She is too ugly.
  7. He finished first though he began late.
  8. Wait here till I return.
  9. He has seen this picture recently.
  10. Everybody expect good news .
  11. He doesn’t help me in trouble.
  12. The doctor gave me a tablet..
  13. I do it because I choose to.
  14. If I make a promise I keep it,
  15. You will pass if you work hard.
  16. He can’t accept his mistake .
  17. The tiger runs fast.
  18. I do not know where I am.
  19. How clever you are?
  20. I could swim when I was six years old.
  21. She missed her train yesterday.
  22. A team of players from India has arrived.
  23. Tom had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow.
  24. The postman brought the letter.
  25. The house that you bought belongs to my uncle.
  26. That boy cried for help.
  27. I have lost my purse today.
  28. It has been raining outside since morning.
  29. The boy stood on the bench to see the sky.
  30. They never fail who die in a great cause

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