CBSE English Grammar Exercises for Class 2 (English Worksheets)

CBSE English Grammar Exercises for Class 2 (English Worksheets) Read and Download Grammar Exercises and cbse worksheets for class 2 (second). English Worksheets for class 2 CBSE. Grammar Exercises for class 2 in pdf download. CBSE Grammar Exercises and worksheets for class 2 with answers are available here. These grammar exercises are very useful for … Read more

Common and Proper Noun Exercises with answers

Common and Proper Nouns exercises, Find the common nouns, Write the common and proper nouns from the following sentences. Noun and their kinds exercises in PDF. Common and Proper Noun exercises free Common noun and proper noun exercises are given below with answers. Exercise – 1 Write ‘Common’ or ‘Proper’ next to each noun: Boy … Read more

Noun Exercises – Kinds, Singular/Plural, Gender and Case Exercises

Noun Exercises – Kinds, Singular/Plural, Gender and Case in English Grammar in PDF. Nouns exercises with their answers are given below. Read them and review your knowledge of nouns. Nouns are taught first in parts of speech. You will get kinds of noun exercises, find the nouns exercises, complete the sentence exercises and feminine/masculine gender … Read more

Parts of Speech Exercises : English Grammar

Parts of speech Exercises in English grammar are available for practice in PDF. Parts of speech quiz questions with multiple choice answers, fill in the blanks and paragraph questions. Get these English grammar exercises free in PDF. Solving these exercises can help you improve your English. Parts of Speech Exercises We know that there are … Read more

A, An and The Articles Exercises in English Grammar

A, An & The articles exercises in English grammar for practice.  Definite and Indefinite Articles exercises of grammar are given here free to read. Fill in the blanks with articles and correct the articles exercises are given below. Get English Grammar Exercises to learn more. A, an and the articles exercises Exercise – 1 Fill in … Read more

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