Noun Exercises – Kinds, Singular/Plural, Gender and Case

Noun Exercises – Kinds, Singular/Plural, Gender and Case in English Grammar in PDF. Nouns exercises with their answers are given below. Read them and review your knowledge of nouns. Nouns are taught first in parts of speech.

You will get kinds of noun exercises, find the nouns exercises, complete the sentence exercises and feminine/masculine gender exercise in this post. All the exercises are free to access.

Kinds of Noun Exercises

Exercise – 1 Identify nouns in the following sentences:

  1. Peter has revised his lessons.
  2. I have a watch.
  3. Your room is big.
  4. Gold is a precious metal.
  5. The boy is doing his work honestly.
  6. Kate doesn’t know me.
  7. Father called his son.
  8. The earth is round.
  9. People speak the truth.
  10. Do you remember your childhood?
  11. She has a house.
  12. Our apartment is very big.
  13. Cricket is a famous game in the world.
  14. English is spoken all over the world.
  15. The Tajmahal is a beautiful building.
  16. Why don’t you accept your mistake?
  17. Computer is an electronic device?
  18. Kids love to play.
  19. Dad goes to office on Monday.
  20. January is the first month of the year.

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Exercise – 2 Determine whether each noun is a common noun or a proper noun.

  1. Sunday ______
  2. March  ______
  3. Day      ______
  4. Tuesday
  5. Street
  6. Dog
  7. Christmas
  8. America
  9. Doctor
  10. Road

Exercise – 3 Write the kinds of noun of the following nouns:

  1. Tree
  2. Cloud
  3. Gold
  4. Water
  5. India
  6. Team
  7. Herd
  8. Box
  9. Teacher
  10. Milk
  11. Singer
  12. Statue of Liberty
  13. Italy
  14. China
  15. Baby

Exercise – 4 Underline the common nouns in the following sentences.

  1. I saw a small box in the garden.
  2. Who is your father?
  3. Don’t make a noise here.
  4. Kate bought a pretty doll.
  5. Her brother is a doctor.
  6. I have a book.
  7. John hates mangoes.
  8. My computer is not working.
  9. I went to market by taxi.
  10. Here is an apple.

Exercise – 5 Underline the proper nouns in the given sentences.

  1. He was born in January.
  2. Rita met me at the station.
  3. Kate and Tony are going for a walk now.
  4. Mr. Sharma is reading a novel.
  5. I want to meet Mr. Mick.
  6. I have a holiday on Saturday.
  7. My birthday is on Tuesday.
  8. Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world.
  9. Lisa is an advocate.
  10. How do you celebrate Halloween?

Exercise – 6 Write the plural forms of the following nouns:

  1. Owl
  2. Car
  3. Book
  4. Table
  5. Man
  6. Child
  7. Life
  8. Fly
  9. Van
  10. School
  11. Key
  12. Bus
  13. Class
  14. Leaf
  15. Sheaf
  16. Mango
  17. Bird
  18. Doll
  19. Desk
  20. Spoon

Exercise – 7 Give the Masculine Gender of the following words:

  1. Actress
  2. Giantess
  3. Tigress
  4. Miss
  5. Madam
  6. Bitch
  7. Poetess
  8. Lady
  9. Widow
  10. Mare
  11. She-cat
  12. Pea-hen
  13. Sultana
  14. Heiress
  15. Girl
  16. Woman
  17. Mother
  18. Niece
  19. Princess
  20. Mistress

Other exercises

Noun is the important part of English Grammar. You can learn about places, things, ideas, animals, birds, rivers, mountains etc after learning. You will be able to identify the words whether they are common or proper nouns. A proper noun is always written with a capital letter. Dear readers, if you find any problem or error in the exercises, please free to contact us.

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