Examples of Present Indefinite Tense Sentences (Simple Present Tense)

Examples of Present Indefinite Tense (Sentences) Present Indefinite Tense Examples of simple sentences, Negative Sentences, Interrogative Sentences and Interrogative Sentences.

Examples of Present Indefinite Tense describes the actions happen in the present. It is also called the Simple Present Tense. To make simple sentences of present indefinite tense, we use the the base form of the with as a main verb.

Sentence Structure: Subject + Verb I (Base form) + Object + Other Words

Examples of Present Indefinite Tense ( Sentences)

  1. He goes to market by bus.
  2. She knows a sweet song.
  3. Rohit writes in the the notebook.
  4. Shyam dances in the party.
  5. Those boys play cricket at the park.
  6. She does her work daily.
  7. Vikas goes to school with his friends.
  8. The peon rings the bell.
  9. We drink hot milk at night.
  10. Grandfather reads the newspaper
  11. We wash our clothes in the washing machine.
  12. Varun goes to market everyday.
  13. I teach you Present Indefinite Tense Sentences.
  14. They go to Agra by train.
  15. It rains  now.
  16. She behaves badly.
  17. The men of this company work very hard.
  18. She is a manager of the company. She manages it well.
  19. I know how to operate an android phone.
  20. An air hostess serves well in the aeroplane.
  21. His mother loves to read the old comics.
  22. He keeps his notebooks under the bed.
  23. She follows my rules properly.
  24. John goes for a walk daily.
  25. Mohan works out without taking a break.
Examples of Present Indefinite Tense Sentences
Examples of Present Indefinite Tense Sentences

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Present Indefinite Tense Negative Sentences (Examples)

  1. She does not sing a song .
  2. She does not cook the food.
  3. They do not play chess.
  4. The bird does not fly.
  5. They do not pluck the flower.
  6. He does not sing a song.
  7. He does not open the door.
  8. Rakesh does not tell a lie.
  9. She does not go to school.
  10. It does not rain here.
  11. They do not play match on Holiday.
  12. You do not dance on Monday.
  13. You do not write a letter.
  14. Mohan does not go to market early.
  15. They do not swim.
  16. The child does not want to play with the toys.
  17. He doesn’t know who is crying there.
  18. I don’t walk on the grass in the morning.
  19. It does not rain here in July.
  20. They are late. They want to catch a bus.

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Examples of Present Indefinite Tense –  Interrogative Sentences

(Yes-No Type Questions)

  1. Does he write a letter?
  2. Does Deepak teach you?
  3. Do you speak the truth?
  4. Do they help poor?
  5. Does the child run on the road?
  6. Do you read the examples of Simple Present Tense?
  7. Do you know Mr Verma?
  8. Does grand father read the newspaper ?
  9. Does the cow give us milk ?
  10. Do you know all of you ?
  11. Does the rabbit run fast ?
  12. Do you write a.letter ?
  13. Do we fly the kite in the evening ?
  14. Does the sun set in the east ?
  15. Do we play cricket ?

(Examples of Wh-word Type Questions)

  1. What do you do now?
  2. Where does he sleep?
  3. Why does she sings a song?
  4. Who calls you now?
  5. Whose book does he read?
  6. Whom do you teach?
  7. Why do you sleep now?
  8. What do you read now?
  9. Where does he go?
  10. Why does the peon ring the bell?
  11. Why does your teacher beat you?
  12. Why does he open the box?
  13. Why does she wash her clothes?
  14. What do the birds fly in the sky?
  15. Who teaches you English now?
  16. What does he need for the students?
  17. Who knows what happens next?
  18. How do you do to this work in the company?
  19. Who decorate your house on Diwali?
  20. Where do you go in January?

Examples of Interrogative Negative Sentences of Present Indefinite Tense

  1. Do l not eat mangoes?
  2. Do we not play cricket?
  3. Do.you not learn your lesson?
  4. Does she not do her work today?
  5. Do they not go to hospital?
  6. Does Rama’s brother not play chess?
  7. Do these girls not sing?
  8. Do you not sleep now?
  9. Does the peon not ring the bell?
  10. Does your brother not beat you?
  11. Do they not always speak the truth?
  12. Does these naughty boys waste their time?
  13. Do you not read?
  14. Does the gardener not pluck the flower?
  15. Does the washer man not wash the clothes?
  16. Does she not want to fly an aeroplane?
  17. Do you not accept your mistake?
  18. Do we not swim in hot water?
  19. Does nobody know where my friend is?
  20. Do they not serve asparagus?

Present Indefinite Tense Sentences are formed using the the base form of the verb and the auxiliary verb ‘do’ and ‘does’. In the above examples of present indefinite tense, you can note these words.

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