Common and Proper Noun Exercises

Common and Proper Nouns exercises, Find the common nouns, Write the common and proper nouns from the following sentences. Noun and their kinds exercises in PDF.

Common and Proper Noun exercises free

Exercise – 1 Write ‘Common’ or ‘Proper’ next to each noun:

  1. Boy _________
  2. Girl _________
  3. Park ________
  4. James _______
  5. Kate ________
  6. Toyota _______
  7. Sunday _______
  8. School _______
  9. Student_______
  10. England _______

Common and Proper Noun Exercises

Exercise – 2 Find out the Common or Proper Nouns:

  1. This is a red flower.
  2.  I know this man.
  3. The Bible is a holy book.
  4. Do you go to cinema on the weekend?
  5. My family went to America last month.
  6. She searched her purse everywhere.
  7. Her friends join the party every month.
  8. A big elephant came into the party.
  9. I live in India.
  10. The teacher told me a story.

Exercise: 3 Complete the sentence with correct proper or common nouns:

  1. _______ is a day of holiday.
  2. She lives in _______.
  3. The girl sings a ________.
  4. Jack’s father eats _______.
  5.  _______ teaches _______.
  6. You cannot ride your _______.
  7.  _______ likes to play _______.
  8. Have you ever seen the ________.
  9.  Mr. Sharma is going to _______ today.
  10. I have joined a new _______.

Exercise: 4 Write P for Proper Noun and C For Common Noun:

  1. The entire world is facing many problems in the world.
  2. Someone made a noise in the class on Tuesday.
  3. Aunt Polly loved him very much because he was her dead sister’s son.
  4. William Shakespeare wrote many novels.
  5. She will have reached her office before 9 am.
  6. We have watched a new movie on Thursday.
  7. The girl is playing with her brother in the park.
  8. Everyone dislikes Monday.
  9. Do you enjoy the horror movies?
  10. Our class is preparing a new play.

Exercise – 5 Correct the following sentences:

  1. james wrote an essay in the essay competition.
  2. Last sunday I visited india.
  3. You cannot meet peter.
  4. sam loves to play games.
  5. Have you ever read the bible?
  6. The nile is the longest river in the world.
  7. My teacher’s name is mick.
  8. I am watching harry potter now.
  9. victoria park is famous in our town.
  10. Dou you know mr. jack?

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