Examples of Present Perfect Tense (Sentences)

Examples of Present Perfect Tense (Sentences). Present Perfect Tense Examples. Sentences of Present Perfect Tense. What are the examples of present perfect tense? 100 Sentences of Present Perfect Tense.

The Present Perfect Tense is used to describe an action that started in the past and continued for some time or it has happened recently. In this tense, the adverbs just, just now, yet, never, always, often, recently, lately etc.

In this post, you will read the examples of present perfect tense. The examples of this tense can overview of this tense. You will learn the structure of this tense. Ine simple words we can say that after reading the examples of Present Perfect Tense, you will be able to identify the sentences and structure of the same tense.

Examples of Present Perfect Tense

Affirmative Sentences

1. Sohan has taken a bath.
2. Sunita has cooked the food.
3. The sun has risen just now.
4. Manish has slept on the bed for two hours.
5. Meena has written a letter recently.
6. The peon has rung the bell.
7. Father has read the newspaper.
8. I have learnt my lesson.
9. We have made a noise.
10. She has sung a song.
11. They have gone to temple.
12. Seema has bought a pen.
13. It has rained here for two hours.
14. I have taught English.
15. You have sold my new watch.
16. The man has cleaned his room.
17. The women have sung a song.
18. I have applied for this job recently.
19. The girl has played the game.
20. The girls have informed their parents.
21. Aman has completed his homework.
22. He has traveled to England.
23. My parents have bought a new car.
24. Mohini has finished her project.
25. My father has seen that movie before.
26. Our team has won the championship.
27. John’s brother has graduated from college.
28. Google has launched a new product.
29. We have visited the Taj Mahal.
30. The chef of our restaurant has prepared a delicious meal.

Examples of Present Perfect Tense (Sentences)
Examples of Present Perfect Tense (Sentences)

Present Perfect Tense Negative Sentences Examples

1. He has not gone to Kanpur.
2. You have not eaten the food.
3. He has not told a story.
4. He has not come yet.
5. You have not plucked the flower.
6. Our team have not won the match.
7. I have not sold my new phone.
8. The peon has not rung the bell.
9. The grandmother has not gone to Madhura.
10. We have not entered the home.
11. The cat has not drunk milk.
12. Mohan has not slept on the floor.
13. The bird has not flown.
14. Gaurav hasn’t run today.
15. You have not bought a cow.
16. My child hasn’t finished his homework yet.
17. My younger sister hasn’t traveled to India before.
18. They haven’t sold their new flat.
19. I haven’t completed my project yet.
20. They haven’t watched that movie.
21. The team of our country hasn’t won any games this season.
22. The CEO of the company hasn’t attended the meeting.
23. The teacher hasn’t reviewed our notebooks yet.
24. The students of our class haven’t visited the museum yet.
25. I haven’t cooked that dish before.

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Examples of Present Perfect Tense – Interrogative Sentences

1. Have you done this work?
2. Has the watchman opened the door?
3. Has Sanjay come yet?
4. Has the play started?
5.Has the grandmother read the Ramayana?
6. Have you cleaned the room?
7. Have you slept?
8. Have we seen the picture?
9. Have these girls played the chess?
10. Has the gardener grown the plants?
11. Has the birds flown in the sky?
12. Have they drunk the water?
13. Have you listened the lesson?
14.Have you sold the house?
15. Has the driver driven the car?
16. Have your children completed the assignment?
17. Has she performed well in the annual examination?
18. Have they played chess in the garden?
19. Has he searched his purse?
20. Have we received our new parcel?
21. Have you reached the station on time?
22. Has Mohan worked hard?
23. Has the judge taken the decision recently?
24. Have you received your letter?
25. Has the man prepared tea for you?

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Present Perfect Tense Examples – Wh-Type Interrogative Sentences

1. Where has he gone?
2. When have the come from Kanpur?
3. What have I given you?
4. When has he bought the fruit?
5. What have you eaten today?
6. Why has Sanjay come yet?
7. Why has Raghav come here?
8. Where have they gone?
9. Why has the washerman washed the clothes?
10. Why have you opened the door?
11. What have I helped you?
12. What have I learnt lesson?
13. Why have you met?
14. What have these girls listened the story?
15. Why have you seen the picture?

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