CBSE English Grammar Exercises for Class 3 (English Worksheets)

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CBSE English Grammar Exercises for Class 3 (English Worksheets). CBSE English Worksheets for class 3. Grammar Exercises For Class 3 CBSE. Worksheets and Grammar Exercises are available here in pdf also.

CBSE English Grammar Worksheets are very useful for class 3 students. These exercises and worksheets contain different types of questions like fill in the, matching, multiple choice questions, complete the following and Parts of Speech. The students of class 3 can use these exercises and worksheets to test their knowledge. Teachers and parents can download these worksheets for their children. It’s free.

CBSE English Grammar Exercises & Worksheets for Class 3

Arrange the words in alphabetical order

  1. mango, papaya, grapes
  2. helicopter, cycle, bike
  3. apple, nest, turnip
  4. bake, cake, make
  5. book, pen, cook
  6. man, hen, cock
  7. dumb, mint, rock
  8. skill, girl, night
  9. shrink, possible, ill
  10. unable, famous, mission
CBSE English Grammar Exercises for Class 3 (English Worksheets)
CBSE English Grammar Exercises for Class 3 (English Worksheets)

Class 3 CBSE Grammar Exercise 2

Class 3 english grammar exercises

Identify each type of sentence and write:

  1. Who was the first female prime minister? ____________________
  2. What a delicious cake you make?______________
  3. Please, put the stamped envelopes in this box.________________
  4. How sad he is looking._______________
  5. There were 63 newspapers in mumbai.____________
  6. Who were the first people to use paper money?__________
  7. Insert the diskette in this slot.________________
  8. What are you doing?______________
  9. May you live long!________________
  10. These vegetables are not fresh.______________
  11. Do not go inside.______________
  12. How is your health now?______________
  13. Bring him here._________________
  14. How nice it is here?________________
  15. Has Mahima brought her diary________________
  16. Sit down , Radha.__________________
  17. May god bless you!_________________
  18. Rani is good girl.__________________
  19. How are you today?________________
  20. Please , come in queue.________________

Q.2 Supply an appropriate end mark for each sentence below

  1. Give me some examples[ ]
  2. What is a group of grapes called[ ]
  3. Has he ever heard of a leap of leopard[ ]
  4. What a great woman he is[ ]
  5. Look up the word in a dictionary , please[ ]
  6. Sneha got a gold medal yesterday[ ]
  7. We were not playing[ ]
  8. What do you like for breakfast[ ]
  9. She will write a letter[ ]
  10. The boys have not deposited fee[ ]

Q.3 On the line provided, lebel each sentence below assertive, interrogative, imperative or exclamatory. Then, show what punctuation is needed at the end of the sentence. One has been done for you.

  1. Have you ever been to England_______.————
  2. What is the population______. ————-
  3. Visit Kanha is the national park________. ———-
  4. Why is kashmir call the Paradise of the Earth_________. —————-
  5. 5. What are rocky coast this is________.————–
  6. 6. Shyam is a good man_________. ————
  7. 7. Why did he leave this school_______. ———
  8. 8. We do not obey us_________. ————
  9. 9. Are you coming to the fair________. ———-
  10. 10. Madhu does not play us_________. ———-
  11. 11. Seema is a police woman________. ———–
  12. 12. Karan was not talk to anyone______. ——–
  13. 13. What are you doing_________ . ————-
  14. 14. Do you give me a pen_________. ———-
  15. 15. Sit , down Akash_________. ————
  16. 16. Alas! My cat has runaway_________. ———
  17. 17. Do not pluck the flowers__________. ———-
  18. 18. What a wonderful idea!__________. ———–
  19. 19. Please , come in queue_______. ———–
  20. What a beautiful painting_______. ———-

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CBSE English Grammar Exercises for Class 3 (English Worksheets)

CBSE Grammar Exercises for Class 3 (English Worksheets)

Underline the Common nouns and circle Proper Nouns in the sentences given below:

  1. Mrs Mohini brought her baby to the park.
  2. Telangana inter capital city of Hyderabad.
  3. Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.
  4. His new classmates game from Germany.
  5. We went to the zoo in Agra.
  6. Anshi likes her new book.
  7. Joy is her cousin.
  8. You bought some papers from A.H.Wheeler.
  9. You played with her sister.
  10. Mohit has a bag of chocolate.
  11. I have many books.
  12. Shahjahan was a great emperor of the city.
  13. We went to Appu water park.
  14. Mahima has a pen.
  15. Sita bought many books.
  16. Sakshi is a good athlete.
  17. Sohan lives in India.
  18. Mrs Menan is a very good teacher.
  19. Father took us to Shimla.
  20. Rajini bakes the best cookies in the town.

Q.2 Underline the Collective Nouns in each sentence.

  1. He shuffled the deck of cards.
  2. A pack of wolves circled the buffalo.
  3. I went to lunch with the first grade class.
  4. A pride of lions chased herd of zebras.
  5. The farmer captain gaggle of geese in the barnyard.
  6. We bought our father a bouquet of roses.
  7. The crowd cheered the team.
  8. The police are looking for a gang of thieves.
  9. This is a bunch of grapes.
  10. A herd of animals went missing.

Exercise 4

Underline the noun in each sentence below. On the line next to the sentence , tell weather the noun is singular or plural.

  1. The tiger is running fast._________
  2. Four of the plates are round.________
  3. My grandfather is very kind________
  4. I gave her a nice gift._________
  5. Answer my question , please._________
  6. My chairs are broken.___________
  7. Have you seen my pencils?________
  8. This map is new._________
  9. Sparrow flew in the sky.___________
  10. There are many fish in pond.___________

Exercise 5

Look at the underline words and fill in the blanks with a suitable masculine and feminine noun.

  1. The boy and _________the welcome their guests.
  2. The father and the ___________look after the passenger on the plane.
  3. Your grandfather and ____________ lived in Germany.
  4. The husband and the _______ had to children , a boy and a ______ .
  5. The son was eight and the ____________ was five.
  6. Brother and __________welcome to our party this evening.
  7. The manager is still a _____________.
  8. The daughter is more talkative than her____________.
  9. The lady has several ________ on the farm.
  10. In the movie, the tiger and ___________were killed by the heroine.
  11. My aunt and _______ visits her every weekend.

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Exercise 6

Q.1 Fill in the blanks with the help of personal pronouns.

  1. ________often reads a book late at night.
  2. _______is running up and down the stairs.
  3. ____is from Ireland.
  4. Have ____ got a dog , Mary?
  5. We enjoy the roses so much. ____ really live in up the garden.
  6. Have____got a computer?
  7. ______ are in the garden.
  8. Seema is my sister. ___ does not like sports.
  9. He asked, “Neha , do___want to go horse back riding?
  10. My name is Kunal. ___ am 10 years old.
  11. 11. Pratibha is my sister. ____ is a badminton player.
  12.  ___ is my best friend.
  13. ____ is in the class.
  14. ____ is learning her lesson.
  15. My name is Piyush.___ live in Delhi.
  16. Kuldeep is my friend. ___plays brilliant cricket.
  17. My mother name is Mrs Seema. ____ is household.
  18. Your father name is Mr Kuldeep. ___ busy man.
  19. Madhu is very good girl. _____help poor.
  20. Your husband is a teacher. ___ care of his mother.

Exercise 7

Q.1 Fill in the blanks with a or an.

  1. Madhu is ___ famous football player.
  2. Megha is ___ hard working student.
  3. Is rohan ___ smart man?
  4. A lion is ___ animal.
  5. Is coffee ___ beneficial drink?
  6. This is ___ pencil.
  7. Sheetal is ___ good girl.
  8. Mohit is ___ fisherman.
  9. Angel is ___ actress.
  10. Kareena kapoor is ___ heroine.

Q.2 Fill in the blanks with suitable articles.

  1. You have ___ beautiful garden. ___ gardens is full of roses.
  2. Is fencing ___ popular sport in ____ world? No,it is not.
  3. You would like___ glass of orange juice please.
  4. Can you give him ___envelope, please? Certainly.Oh! Where is___ envelope?
  5. Is there ___ post office near here?
  6. You are at ___ cinema.
  7. My sister is in ____ classroom.
  8. Would he like ____ hamburger?
  9. Sita has got ___ cat. What is ___ cat’s name.
  10.  ___ school is very cold. Has not it got ____ central heating system?

Exercise 8

Q.1 Circle the adjective in each sentence. Underline the noun that it describes.

  1. The magical tiger cast a spell on the cat.
  2. The dragon in the sky was scary.
  3. The seagull flew in the sky.
  4. The giants standing by the tree is angry.
  5. The wicked witch was flying on a broom stick.
  6. Three giants live in the countryside.
  7. The monster under my bed is furry.
  8. It is a windy day.
  9. The books were on the top shelf.
  10. Do you like it milkshake?

Exercise 9

Q.1 Draw is circle around the action verb in each sentence right on the line weather there is in past tense , present tense or future tense.

  1. Mohit will choose a baseball bat.
  2. The pictures tossed the ball.
  3. Hemmon will swing hard.
  4. The ball struck the bat.
  5. The ball flies through the air.
  6. It landed over the fence.
  7. The crowd screams loudly.
  8. Aaron will around the bases.
  9. Abraham’s teammates cheered.
  10. Alexander smiled proudly.

Exercise 10

Q.1 Complete the sentences with the suitable adverb

Slowly carefully, beautifully, well, loudly, carelessly, easily, excitedly, finally, suddenly, quickly, quietly

  1. Come here _____________ . you have to see this!
  2. We knew that she had got the job when we saw her ______________ talking on the phone.
  3. He _______________ put the ways on the table. It fell to the floor.
  4. Saran is throwing a party on saturday. She ______________ finished her Phd.
  5. Let’s walk ______________. I do not want to be the first one at the meeting.
  6. Alex _________________ photo of the bookshelves. It was too difficult for me to do on my own.
  7. Everything happened so _______________ . We had to move to california in less than a month.
  8. Why does he always have to talk so ________________ . You can hear him in the next room!
  9. Although she speaks 5 languages, she did not do _________________ on the translation exam.
  10. I was so surprised. Is new apartment was __________________ decorated.

Exercise 11

Q.1 Fill in the blanks with the preposition of place.

  1. He is swimming ____________ the river.
  2. Where is julie? She is __________ school.
  3. The plant is ____________ the table.
  4. There is a spider ____________ the bathroom.
  5. Please put those apples _________ the bowl.
  6. Frank is ____________ holiday for 3 weeks.
  7. There are two pockets _____________ this bag.
  8. I read the story ___________ the newspaper.
  9. The cat is sitting ______________ the chair.
  10. Lucky was standing ______________ the bus stop.

Exercise 12

Fill in the blanks with correct conjunctions:

  1. They ate ____ drank. (And/or)
  2. He will be here on Monday ___ Tuesday
  3. She is small strong. (but/and)
  4. I was tired ___ I went to sleep. (so/and)
  5. I did not go for swimming ___________ it was raining. (Because/and)
  6. They asked for coffee, ________ they did not get any. ( and/or)
  7. It was cloudy and cold, ________ it did not snow. (and/ or)
  8. Lee can speak Spanish _________ her sister can speak French.( And/ or)
  9. The TV is on, _________ we are not watching it. ( and / or)
  10. She about a new dress, _______ he brought a new shoes. (and/or)

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