CBSE English Grammar Exercises for Class 8 (English Worksheets)

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CBSE English Grammar Exercises for Class 8 (English Worksheets). English Grammar Exercises of Class 8 CBSE. Class 8 English Grammar Worksheets and Exercises with Answers. CBSE Class 8 English Worksheets with Answers.

CBSE English Grammar Exercises for Class 8 (English Worksheets) are very useful for the students, teachers and parents. Everyone can use these grammar exercise for practice. Any student who is studying in class 8 can test his knowledge by solving these class 8 grammar exercises.

Class 8 English Grammar Exercises and Worksheets are free to use. Anyone can read them for free. There is no charge.

In this post, you will read ‘CBSE English Grammar Exercises for class 8’ with answers.

CBSE English Grammar Exercises for Class 8 (English Worksheets)

Exercise 1

Q.1 Change the following into Indirect Speech:

1. The teacher says, “You all are good students”.
2. That teacher says, “Water is a universal solvent”.
3. The chairman says,” Mr Bhatt cares for his students”.
4. The attendant said to us, “You can keep your luggage here”.
5. Sudha said to Madhu, “He is singing a song”.
6. Your brother said, “I will give your pocket money today”.
7. The poor girl said, “I am tired and hungry”.
8. The cobbler said to Sohan, “You will get your shoes on Monday”.
9. Meena said to Vineeta, “You don’t study in the morning”.
10. The servant will say, “Dinner is ready”.

11. She said, “Tit for Tat.”

12.  I have said to her, “You cannot smoke here.”

13. We say to Rohan, “You should not abuse anyone.”

14. My mother said to me, “God bless you.”

15. The teacher said to the students, “May you succeed in the examination!”

16. Father said to the son, “Do not go out in the sun.”

17. She says to me, “You are a bad person.”

18. You will say to her, “I cannot live in this village.”

19. She said to her, “My father has been working in this company for 3 years.”

20. The boy said, “Help! Help!”

Class 8 Grammar Exercises – Exercise 2

Q.1 Rewrite the following sentences using correct punctuation marks and capital letters.

1. march is the hottest month of the year
2. may god bless you
3. columbus discovered america
4. the taj mahal is in agra
5. mohan is rich sohan is poor
6. mohit and rohit playing cricket
7. your brother manoj is not eating anything
8. has he received the parcel today
9. mumbai is the capital of maharashtra
10. maharana pratap was the king of udaipur

CBSE English Grammar Exercises for Class 8 (English Worksheets)
CBSE English Grammar Exercises for Class 8 (English Worksheets)

CBSE Class 8 English Grammar Exercises – Exercise 3

Q.1 Choose the correct conjunction and write them in the following sentences.

1. Complete your work ____ you go home. (before, after)
2. He did it ___ he was asked to do it.
(yet, because)
3. _____ he comes here, I shall go with him. (so, if)
4. We shall teach you ___ you come tomorrow. (if, as)
5. He should speak the truth ___ all may love him. (as, so, that)
6. I took breakfast _____ went to school. (and, if)
7. He studied hard ______ got good marks. (but, and)
8. I don’t know____ it happened. (how, what)
9. I will not excuse her ____ she asks pardon. (them, before)
10. Krishna bought a pen _____a notebook. (but, and)

Exercise – 4

Q.1 Choose suitable preposition from the brackets and fill in the blanks.

1. The cupboard is full _____ my clothes.
(at, of, with)
2. My house is right_____ the post office. ( behind,at, from)
3. Siddhi bought this cake ____ the pastry shop. (in, for, from)
4. Please look ______ my new house.
(at, in, on)
5. All of the notebooks are kept ____ the table. (with,in,on)
6. The carpenter can make this table ____ three hours. (by,in, about)
7. Clean your teeth properly _____ a brush. (from,at, with)
8. My grandmother cannot walk ___ a stick. (with, without,in)
9. He fell down ____ the stairs.
(by, with, from)
10. Mohan was standing _____ his coach. (on, beside, from)

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Exercise – 5

Q.1 Fill in the blanks with suitable interrogative adverbs (when, where, how, why) and complete the sentences.

1. ______ was he screaming in the hall?
2. ______do i go to the sports complex?
3. ______were you late for the music class?
4. ______will his parents arrive?
5. ______is your condition today?
6. ______did he not complete your homework?
7. _______did Columbus discover America?
8. _______does she goes to the temple?
9. _______ was he crying so loudly?
10. ______ were sitting in the room?

Q.2 Underline the adverbs in the sentences given below and also write their kinds.

1. The room was very dirty from inside.________
2. Sohan was weeping bitterly. ________
3. It is extremely hot inside. ________
4. Always speak the truth. _________
5. She will certainly we caught. __________
6. Tell us the place where he found this.__________
7. When will he come here? __________
8. You were talking loudly. __________
9. This is the place where we
met. __________
10.The moon is clearly visible. __________

Exercise – 6

Q.1 Change the following sentences into passive voice.

1. The washerman washes the clothes.
2. Mohan is reading a book.
3. Madhu had talk to him.
4. This girl abused me.
5. You played a basketball match.
6. Mohan was eating some fruits.
7. The children had eaten the food.
8. She drank a big glass of milk.
9. Mohan will have solved the problems.
10. The thief stole the money.

Exercise – 7

Q.1 Choose the correct model auxiliaries to fill in the blanks.

1. This boy ____ run faster. (can,may, should)
2. We obey ____ our parents. (may,can,should)
3. ______ I come in, madam? (shall, will, may)
4. I ____ not speak English in my childhood. (shall, could,may)
5. The school ______ remain closed on Monday. (will, may, can)
6. My friend Deepali ______ come to my house today. (may, will, could)
7. You ______ take your certificate. (could,should, would)
8. We ____ win the match. (may, will, shall)
9. This _______ be harmful to the patients.(can, will, may)
10. They _____ not come here. ( shall,will,could)

Q.2 Use primary auxiliaries to fill in the blanks.

1. The flower vase _____ full of flowers.
2. _____ he talk to you?
3. The birds ______ flying very high.
4. The doctor ____not arrived yet.
5. Sita _____ completed her project.
6. The students _____ reading in the class.
7. Siddhi ________ not bring her lunch box.
8. _______ you prepared the morning breakfast?
9. I _____ finished my meal.
10. The doctor ________ not give medicines to the patient.
11. My teacher _______ teaching a lesson in the class.
12. They ______ not sent any message to their friends.
13. This pet dog ______ drinking milk yesterday.
14. Mohan _______ not make noise in the class.
15. You _____ attend regular classes.

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Exercise 8

Q.1 Underline Adjectives in the following sentences and write their kinds:

1.Which dress are you going to buy?
2. I got first position in the class.
3. I gave him enough food to eat.
4. Kashish is a beautiful dancer.
5. Either of these two places is interesting to visit.
6. This is the basement of the office.
7. There are 365 days in a year.
8. Sohan did not eat any rice.
9. These cars are for sale.
10. Which way will he go?

Exercise – 9

Q.1 Write suitable pronoun in the blanks given below.

1. ________ people went to Rohit’s party.
2. _______ are my new plants.
3. _______ novel are you reading?
4. _______ student should try to achieve good marks.
5. _______ do you want to meet here?
6. _______ tea is in the cup?
7. ________soldier had a gun.
8. _______ himself sing a melodious song.
9. _______ children are very intelligent.
10. _______ of them has done this work.

Q.2 Write the pronouns and their kinds in the following sentences.

1. Each one of you will sing. __________
2. He is a physician. __________
3. That is your book. _________
4. Who will bring the paper? ________
5. That is my house. __________
6. I should speak the truth. _________
7. This is a mango tree. ________
8. She is the girl who lost his purse. _______
9. He himself donated money as charity.__________
10. I myself will visit the doctor. ________

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