Selina Concise Mathematics Class 6 ICSE Solutions

Selina Concise Mathematics Class 6 ICSE Solutions chapter-wise, Download Class 6 Selina Maths Solutions of RK Bansal Textbook available in PDF. Students of class 6 can download or view Maths solutions class VI textbook. In this post Toppr Nation is providing Selina Concise Mathematics Class 6 ICSE Solutions in PDF file. Students will be able to find correct answers easily. Using the solutions, students can improve their Maths skills. It can help them get good marks in the exam.

Book: Concise Middle School Mathematics Class 6 : ICSE Board
Author: Rk Bansal
Publisher: Selina Publishers
Language: English

Selina Concise Mathematics Class 6 ICSE Solutions Chapter-wise PDF

Here is a complete list of maths chapters class 6 Selina Concise ICSE Solutions. There are four units in the textbook. The first unit of the textbook is NUMBERS. This unit has ten chapters. The second unit is RATIO, PROPORTION AND ARITHMETIC PROBLEMS. In the second unit there are seven chapters. The third unit is ALGEBRA. There are five chapters in this unit. Students will learn about Fundamental Concepts and Fundamental Operations. The last unit is GEOMETRY. This unit has nine chapters. You will study about the Fundamental Concepts of Geometry.

Chapter 1 Number System(Consolidating the Sense of Numberness)
Chapter 2. Estimation
Chapter 3. Numbers in India and International System (With Comparison)
Chapter 4. Place Value
Chapter 5 Natural Numbers and Whole Numbers (Including Patterns)
Chapter 6. Negative Numbers and Integers
Chapter 7 Number Line
Chapter 8. HCF and LCM
Chapter 9. Playing with Numbers
Chapter 10. Sets
Chapter 11. Ratio
Chapter 12. Proportion (Including Word Problems)
Chapter 13. Unitary Method
Chapter 14. Fractions
Chapter 15. Decimal Fractions
Chapter 16. Percent (Percentage)
Chapter 17. Idea of Speed, Distance and Time
Chapter 18. Fundamental Concepts
Chapter 19. Fundamental Operations (Related to Algebraic Expressions)
Chapter 20. Substitution (Including Use of Brackets as Grouping Symbols)
Chapter 21. Framing Algebraic Expressions (Including Evaluation)
Chapter 22. Simple (Linear) Equations (Including Word Problems)
Chapter 23. Fundamental Concepts
Chapter 24. Angles (With their Types)
Chapter 25. Properties of Angles and Lines (Including Parallel Lines)
Chapter 26. Triangles (Including Types, Properties and Constructions)
Chapter 27. Quadrilateral
Chapter 28. Polygons
Chapter 29. The Circle
Chapter 30. Revision Exercise Symmetry (Including Constructions on Symmetry)
Chapter 31. Recognition of Solids

Chapter 32 Perimeter and Area of Plane Figures

Chapter 33 Data Handling

Chapter 34 Mean and Median

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