CBSE Class 4 English Grammar Exercises and Worksheets

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CBSE Class 4 English Grammar Exercises and Worksheets. CBSE English Worksheets for class 4. Grammar Exercises and Worksheets for class 4 free download.

CBSE Class 4 English Grammar Exercises & Worksheets

Exercise 1 – Underline all the nouns in the following sentence. Write P of the proper nouns. Write C above the common nouns.

1. Your class wrote their own play waste on the story of Arjun.
2. The boys play the game tonight.
3. We will play soccer at the park.
4. We saw a lion in Agra’s Zoo.
5. I went to Agra in vacation.
6. Mohan climb at the tree.
7. The entire cast wore customes on Saturday.
8. On Saturday someone in the audience created disturbance.
9. The sound of music tell the song on the rockers, a family of singers.
10. Children need to use their imaginations watching harry potter.

CBSE Class 4 English Grammar Exercises and Worksheets
CBSE Class 4 English Grammar Exercises and Worksheets

Q.2 Complete each sentence right the possessive form of the noun given in the parentheses.

1. That is____ jacket. (angela).
2. The ____ toy is noisy. (Dog).
3. Your _____ book report is interested. ( Friend).
4. Is this _____ quarters? (Grandma).
5. The ______ stall is clean now. ( Horse)
6. _______ uniform needs to be washed. (Monu).
7. That is ____ classwork. ( Annu).
8. The ______ jeans are blue. (Girl).
9. This _____ feathers are not black. (Pigeon).
10. The _______ rattle is white. (Baby).

Q.3 Underline the abstract nouns of the following sentences.

1. She was given an award for his courage.
2. He thought that happiness was the most important thing.
3. Childhood is one of the best phrase of life.
4. He craved for freedom.
5. His English teacher applauded his creativity.
6. A true friendship is more than valuable than money.
7. Charity begins at home but should not end there.
8. A mother showers infinite compassion on her child.
9. People lost faith in banks.
10. She will defeat them in war.

Class 4 CBSE English Grammar Exercise – 2

Q.1 Tell whether the underlined noun is countable or uncountable.

1. He used the computer to find more information.
2. He unfolded the towel on the sand.
3. Here are too many furniture in the class.
4. Many students at down in her seat.
5. The radio was playing a beautiful song.
6. The student gave the teacher some pens.
7. You had to hang a picture on the wall.
8. Megha played the sound of the class.
9. The food is cooking on utensils.
10. Madhu gathered research on the Internet.

CBSE English Grammar Exercise – 3

Q.1 Name the gender of each of the following nouns:

1. Road
2. Pitcher
3. Uncle
4. Mother
5. Cousin
6. Mom
7. Clock
8. Drake
9. Boy
10. Mouse

CBSE Class 4 English Grammar Exercises and Worksheets

Exercise 4

Q.1 Replace the words in brackets with the correct personal pronouns.

1. Your name is Deepali. ___ am Indian and this is my family.
2. Your mother’s name is Mrs. Mahima. ___ is from Agra.
3. Mr. Manoj is my dad. ____ is a policeman.
4. On the left I can see Madhu. ___ is my sister.
5. Sita and Geeta are sisters. ____ are twins.
6. Your dog is a boy, Rocky. (Rockey) ____ is 5 years old.
7. Sita, Geeta, Rita, and Anita are friends. ___ live in Mumbai.
8. Big ben is in London. ___ is near to my house.
9. Your grandparents live in Delhi. __often come and see us.
10. What can ____ tell me about your family?

Exercise 5

Q.1 Write a or an in the following blanks.

1. Bring me __ pencil.
2. You are searching for __ 14 year old man.
3. He is __ people at Agra road school.
4. She was wearing __ blue shirt.
5. Mohan Pandey found __ pant.
6. There is __ beautiful garden in back of my house.
7. At school, you have __ huge television.
8. Can you give me ___ pen?
9. Mohan found ___ his bag.
10. Radha searched ____ lucky people today.
11. You bought pair of pants and ___ shirt.
12. Doctors recommend at least ___ hour of exercise 3 times in a week.
13. You have ___ new dress.
14. I have not ___ cow.
15. She had ___ short blonde hair.
16. My sister love playing ___ hockey.
17. Madhu is ___ most intelligent girl in the class.
18. Cannot i try on ___ blue dress please? I think it is nicer than this one.
19. Look! There is ___ man standing at the door.
20. Look! ___ dolphin swimming in the sea.

Exercise 6

Q.1 On the line after the sentence site banane that is being described.

1. The gentle ladies showed his charming manners.
2. His furious mother screamed at him.
3. The band made is a frightful racket in the garage.
4. The brave hunter was afraid of the deer.

5. The teeth of the crocodile are frightening to see.

6. My brother decided to shave his hairy face.

7. My grandfather is a unique man.

8. The scientist enjoyed making interesting inventions.

9. The boys are suddenly a delightful idea.

10. The energetic team won the match.

Q.2 Fill in the blanks with the help of suitable demonstrate adjectives.

1. From your windows i saw ____ boys.

2. You would like to live in ____ country.

3. You think _____ tires are too bald to be driving on safely.

4. Any of _____ computer should be good enough for what you need.

5. Put ___ car front on the shelf.

6. Do you want to eat ______ mango?

7. The wild stone damaged the cars in ___ parking lot.

8. We need to clean up _____ room after watching movie.

9. ____ boy got a perfect score on the Math test.

10. ___ star star not near from the earth.

Exercise 7

Q.1 Write the correct past tense form of each verb. Circle the irregular verbs.

1. Buy

2. Call

3. Bath

4. Create

5. Play

6. Serve

7. Go

8. Is

9. Show

10. Stand

11. Wish

12. Grow

13. Drink

14. Empty

15. Write

16. Walk

17. Bring

18. Visit

19. Stretch

20. Run

Q.2 Underline the main verb in each sentence. Circle the helping verb.

1. I shall play hockey tomorrow.

2. The arjun has operated many times after.

3. My elder sister is singing like a rockstar.

4. Raman can kick better than anyone on the team

5. The beautiful building was built in 1985.

6. Surekha is walking her dog in the park.

7. Sohan and his sister using the computer.

8. Mamta will bake special cookies for the party.

9. Jin had given his friend some flowers.

10. The very small girl can ski all by herself.

Exercise 8

Q.1 Underline the adverb and write the adjective.

1. You had a badly damaged house after that storm.______

2. That holi song very beautiful._________

3. Meriam proudly displayed the carefully painted portraits.______

4. Any story that mr Mohit tells was truly funny.________

5. Bad attractive furniture that they sell his fairly sturdy.______

6. The lion runs quickly.______

7. The redwood tree is impressively tall.

8. My mother arrives late at night._______

9. The thieves runaway before the police came._________

10. She works very hard.________

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Exercise 9

Q.1 State whether the verbs in the following sentences are used transitively or intransitively.

1. She gave the book to the teacher.

2. You laughed at the joke.

3. The driver stopped the car.

4. They lived in mexico for 2 years.

5. I must speak the truth.

6. I baked some cookies.

7. Mohit hit the ball.

8. The horse galloped.

9. Your sister cried

10. I loved.

Q.2 Find direct and indirect object in the following sentences

1. Sam asked Jolly a question about the sing.

2. You have told him the answer several times.

3. That teacher ate their lunch in silence.

4. The girl sent the boy flowers.

5. The prophet told the audience the future.

6. That teacher sent student a note.

7. Mohan read his tiny nephew an exciting story.

8. Your father built the family a redwood a picnic table.

9. He gave my father a book for her birthday.

10. The doctor sent me a bill for his services.

CBSE Class 4 English Grammar Exercises and Worksheets

Exercise 10

Q.1 Circle the correct verb in the sentences below.

1. Each of the boys (look/looks) good on stage.

2. Everyone (was/were) asked to remain quite.

3. Neither of the women (is/are) here yet.

4. (Is/are) each of the boys ready to leave?

5. Several of the deer (is/are) sick.

6. Some members of the faculty (is/are) absent.

7. Nobody in the class (has/have) the question

8. Each of the boys (observe/observes) all the regulations.

9. All of the man (is/are) gone.

10. Most of the chair (was/were) taken.

Exercise 11

Q.1 Fill in the blanks with the past particle of the verb given in parentheses.

1. Have you _____ ( see) my book I cannot find them anywhere.

2. You have never ______ (be) to Madhya Pradesh.

3. She had not _____ (grow) potatoes for last summer.

4. Has Sohan _____ (hold) hands with her new friend yet?

5. Your team has ____ (lose) a game yet this season.

6. Have I ever _____ (meet) a celebrity?

7. Has she ____ (sell) his car yet?

8. We have ____ (speak) in years.

9. Mohan had not ____ (buy) this shirt.

10. Madhu has ____ (catch) this ball.

Q.2 Put sentences into simple past

1. She moves to a new bag. __________

2. They bring sandwich. ___________

3. She does not do the class work. ________

4. You do not sell cars. _________

5. Does the Mohan visit his friends? _______

6. I do not do my work. _________

7. Do you read a novel? _________

8. Megha does not sleep at night. _________

9. Seema buys many cars. ________

10. Does he not sing a song? ________

CBSE Class 4 English Grammar Exercises and Worksheets

Exercise 12

Q.1 Identify the following sentences and write their types against them.

1. The children wanted to go on a field trip.________

2. Can I go to Theme Park?________

3. Be on your best behaviour for the next three days.________

4. How far away is the park from the house?

5. I cannot be serious!________

6. Do he want pizza for lunch?________

7. Do not close your mind to the other side of the question?_________

8. You cannot believe it’s all over!_______

9. San Marino is not smallest republic in Germany.________

10. Put these documents on my

table. ________

Exercise 13

Q 1 Fill in the blanks with the contractions of the words given in the brackets:

1._____ going inside. ( He/is)

2. ____ finished eating. (they/have)

3. I _____ sing. (can/not)

4. _____go bathing. (let/us)

5. You _____do that. (could/not)

6. They _____coming.(were/not)

7. _____leaving soon. (they/are)

8. _____ a rainy season. (it/is)

9. I _____look too happy. (did/not)

10. I _____better go now. (you/had)

CBSE Class 4 English Grammar Exercises and Worksheets

Exercise 14

Q.1 Fill in the blanks with the help of given prepositions:

1. You like walking around the town ______ night. (for/at/to)

2. You have a been waiting ______ two hours. (for/in/under)

3. We have been invited ________ a wedding on June 14th. (on/at/to)

4. ______ the age of twelve he wrote his last play. (at/during/in)

5. I have _____ leave in 5 minutes. (to/at/on)

6. We have been ______ waiting her ______ 3 days. (for/at/in)

7. In spring they are always ______ Spain. (at/to/in)

8. The Price _____ coffee is going up in July. (at/by/of)

9. You left the party _______ 11. (by/at/in)

10. I had a lot of fun _______ our holidays. (in/at/from)

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