Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate Degree in Psychology – Complete Information

Bachelors, Masters and Degree in Psychology – Carrier and Salary in the US. If you want want to get a psychology degree online or offline. You must know how to become a psychologist and how much salary a psychologist gets in the US. In this post you will read about a psychology degree carrier, salary, best college and university to study psychology.

As the health industry expands and requires more personnel, the job market will favor people capable of handling the influx with advanced degrees. Psychologists will increasingly be in demand given the strain that mental health resources take on providers like hospitals. If you are interested in tapping into this job market, it has never been easier to get an education in psychology and an Online Psychology Degree may be attainable in less time than a traditional classroom degree.

An Overview about Bachelors Degree in Psychology

Bachelors Degree in Psychology prepares students for their careers as licensed or academics clinical psychologist, researchers, and other related professions. For many students, selecting the proper graduate program that is a good fit for them is advisable. It is the major step towards a career on psychology or any related field. Picking the right program will enhance your communication skills, ability in organizing, collecting, analysing and interpreting a certain data as well as understanding a person’s behaviour.

Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate Degree in Psychology - Complete Information
Bachelors Degree in Psychology

Graduates of this degree have a choice whether they want to work on human resources and even communications while further education would definitely open paths in research and clinical practice. Being one of the most famous and well-known undergraduate majors, psychology can get students ready in being successful on a variety of fields. There are psychology graduates who became an expert in social sciences and even turned out to be successful in different kinds of businesses.

A degree in psychology depends on the emphasis of a person’s interest. In many cases, degrees in psychology are associated with counseling. The great thing is that if you are a graduate of psychology, you will have the power to choose the field of psychology that you want the most. This is a kind of degree wherein you will build any profession in the field psychology. Nowadays, there are lots of degree courses as well as programs online that are offering fields and degrees in psychology. Through the help of online education, anyone can receive any kinds of degree. One advantage of online program and course is that you may have the opportunity to communicate directly with your instructor that concerns anything even without necessity to plan an appointment.

Bachelors Degree in Psychology is in demand all over the world. Taking up this course is highly advisable to those who want to excel in the field. It aims to understand human behavior and it is also aims to help them. In addition, psychology degrees graduates are also qualify in having jobs which require levels of human interaction. Psychology degree courses or programs are providing foundation for different careers that can also be unrelated to psychology. A psychology degree indeed is a great choice to those who are planning to attend a graduate school in medicine, psychology or even law. General education course along with minor in different field is usually required in pursuing postgraduate work on some areas.

Things to Know about Masters Degree in Psychology

Having a Masters Degree in Psychology is a must especially if you want to become a counselor, child counselor, drug counselor and even marriage counselor. You can also choose to become a social services manager, parole officer, human resources analyst, psychology program executive, employment counselor, rehabilitation counselor, self-reliance professional, vocational rehabilitation worker and even developmental specialist. One advantage in having a master’s degree in this field is that it will be your first step in becoming a qualified clinical psychologist.

Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate Degree in Psychology - Complete Information
Masters Degree in Psychology

A master’s degree indeed takes years in order to obtain and it also needs dedication, determination, perseverance and good grades. It is definitely worth the wait for those who have deep desire for it. The passion includes helping others in coping with their issues or problems, recover from a traumatic experience, giving up the bad habits as well as moving on. You are in need to take a bachelor’s degree in order to take the master’s degree for you to have more stable ad respectable career opportunities. Before deciding Masters Degree in Psychology is appropriate for you or not, you will need to undergo self- assessment. The first thing that you need to do is ask yourself whether you are enjoying the craft or not. Master’s degree requires full attention as well as the care in general welfare of individuals.

Getting masters diploma in the field of psychology is not easy. Through the help of modern technology, you will know have the ability in studying the right programs at your convenience. There are so many web institutions that are offering courses in masters programs and degree in psychology. Without master’s degree, you can also be psychologist but the disadvantage is that you will not be able to check or see patients on clinical setting. Having a master’s degree, you will also earn more money. There are some studies that are saying that psychology master’s graduate is a good step in being a successful business person.

Master’s degree in the field of psychology is one of the best choices. It is for a certain reason that a particular clinical psychologist is known in having stratospheric salary unlike any other. Obtaining master’s degree in psychology is indeed the ticket in becoming lifetime expert or professional in counseling, educational as well as clinical arenas of psychology. It will enhance not only your communication skills but also the way you interact with the people.

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What is Doctorate Degree in Psychology?

There are lots of doctorate programs in different schools nowadays. People have the right to choose what kind of doctorate degree they will pursue after college. One of the most popular types of doctorate degree is in the field of psychology. Doctorate Degree in Psychology is common as a lot of schools offer programs and courses in this field. After graduating in this degree, people have the freedom to choose from several jobs regarding the field. Graduates can become a licensed psychologist that focuses on the clinical procedures of medical treatments.

Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate Degree in Psychology - Complete Information
Doctorate Degree in Psychology

But, it is said to be that the examination for this particular doctorate program is very competitive as a lot of graduates of this program are competing with each other. There are two different fields that each graduate can choose from after graduation. The first field is about the school psychology. As the name implies, this course will focus on the teaching of other students with regard to the field. The other field is the health psychology. This only means that the graduate of this program that chose to work as a health psychologist will work in a company or a hospital pertaining to the psychology characteristics of people.

The Doctorate Degree in Psychology can consume a lot of years in studying. In completing this program, students need to at least consume 5 to 7 years in taking up this course. Along with this, the students can be also required to complete other requirements such as residency that is supervised or the so-called internship.

By the time that students have graduated from this doctorate program, there are lots of job opportunities that they can choose from. A lot of schools offer vast and important benefits to students who like to take up this course. There are also online schools that offer this doctorate degree. However, a lot of students would rather take up this course an on-campus school than online because feel that on-campus schooling provides more knowledge to students. Nevertheless, far-based students are more recommended to study this course online.

The quality of education in online schools is quite the same as other on-campus schools offer. This is only possible in popular online schools. In choosing the best school on where to pursue this type of doctorate program, searching on the internet is the best thing to do. The internet displays the schools according to its popularity and quality of education with regard to this doctorate degree.

Top 3 Online Psychology Schools

  • Walden University
  • Palo Alto University
  • Saint Leo university

Top 3 Psychology Schools (On-Campus)

  • University of California (Berkeley)
  • Harvard University
  • University of Michigan, Ann arbor

Career Future for a Psychologist

The career future for a psychologist often depends on what type of degree they are holding or have obtained. Sometimes, companies and industries want to have a psychologist with a doctorate degree, but there are also some that accept psychologist employees with a master’s degree. However, there are lots of career opportunities waiting for a person who have graduated in psychology course, especially in the United States.

A psychologist is a person that evaluates a patient for emotional and mental behavior disorders which greatly affect their personality and traits. Psychologists often perform diagnosis on patients to determine the extent and nature of their disorder for proper and appropriate type of treatment they need to perform. They usually use talk therapy to treat the disorders, illnesses, and distresses that patients experience, because they can’t prescribed any medication. However, if they have a much advancer degree and license, they might be able to prescribe medications to patients that will help them solve the distress and illness that they are suffering from.

A psychologist can apply for a faculty position at a school or university and work as a professor or teacher there. Sometimes, applying for this position may also need and require the psychologist to have a license in order for them to teach and discuss the different lectures and lessons with regard to the field. Another career opportunity waiting for a psychologist is an educational administration. Psychologists may also have a research position at a certain medical industry or company that deals with the mental and emotional illness that everyone is encountering and experiencing every day.

A psychologist may also choose to become a vocational counselor that deals with the different types of available jobs offered by a lot of companies and industries. Being a school psychologist is also one of the best career options that an individual can apply or work into. Counselors are also another type of career opportunity waiting for a psychologist that offers talk treatment to their patients and has a great salary rate.

Genetics counselor is also another career option for a psychologist, provides help and information about the genetic disorders of some couples and families. Forensic psychologist is also a career future option for psychologist, applies psychology to the field of investigation criminal laws and issues. Other types of career options for psychologists are engineering, clinical, sports, and industrial psychologist position that deal with these different types of fields of study.

How to Become a Psychologist

Every profession needs a lot of requirements in order to make an individual a professional. In the field of psychology, you can only be a professional by the time that these requirements are all passed and done. This field is quite difficult to tackle that is why there are lots of requirements that you should complete. Some procedures on how to become a psychologist are quite daunting tasks. But, there are also easy steps on how to reach this profession that people can use. These steps are just the main and the most important on how to achieve and become a successful psychologist.

The first step is to gather information. This is the most important step on aiming to be successful in this profession. You should know about the tasks, responsibilities and duties of a psychologist. The main duty of a psychologist is to deal with other people and know about their problems in order to help them. This is only the main duty of a psychologist that also includes a lot of fields such as counseling, industrial organization, developmental and forensic.

After the first step, it is now the time to enroll in a psychology degree. You need to enroll in a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology as it is the entry level to reach this profession. After taking this bachelor’s degree, it is very important for you to work independently. To possibly do this job, advancing the degree is the best thing to do.

Bachelor’s degree is not enough to be a psychologist. It is also very important to get a Master’s Degree in Psychology. After you have completed your Master’s Degree, you can now work in the fields of psychology such as in school and industrial-organization.

It is also listed in the steps on how to become a psychologist to improve your knowledge about the profession. Practicing the tasks and the duties of this field is very advisable as important as the internship before getting a license. In fact, getting a license is the last thing to do to reach this profession. Before having a license in this profession, it is very important to complete all of the requirements such as passing the examination, the 2 years minimum of practice, the completion of the internship and the Ph.D.

All professions are difficult to reach because of the requirements. That is why people should be hardworking and have the patience in aiming this goal.

What is the Average Salary of a Psychologist in US?

The average salary of a psychologist in US is expected to be more than $83,285. However, the salary of a psychologist may also depend on the type of position and job that they have on the company. There are lots of different jobs for a psychologist in the United States, however these jobs and positions also have different salary ranges and rate.

Some surveys made by the American Psychological Association show that the salary of typical psychologists sometimes also depends on the year of experience and service that they have been doing for the company. There are many different types of careers and work for a psychologist, but the most common career is becoming a professor.

There are 3 major types of professor career ranks that a psychologist can become. The first one is the assistant professor; this rank has an average or median salary of more than $63,000, depending on the amount of experienced year they have on this type of job. After becoming an assistant professor for 3 to 5 years, some of them might get promoted and become an associate professor that has an average salary of more than $70,700. Full-time professors in the United States have an average salary of more than $89,000 up to $114,353, but may sometimes also depend on the work experience that they have and the service they provide.

The typical job description of a certain psychologist often deals with patients that have mental and emotional disorders with regard to their behaviors. The duty of a psychologist is to evaluate each patient and check if there are any disorders on their emotional and mental behaviors. Some of the reports about the average salary of a psychologist were also divided into 15 different sections and the first 12 of them provided the salary data for the specific types of positions of a psychologist at the doctoral level.

The faculty positions had an average salary of $36,818 up to $65,000 with the average work experience of 13 years and holding a master’s degree. Research positions had an average salary of $57,382 or even higher, but may also need to have an average year of work experience and a master’s degree. The average salary of a psychologist in US usually depends on the type of career that they are involved in and the typical type of job that they have been performing.

Frequently Asked Questions on Psychology Degree

Q. 1 Should You Consider the Benefits of Taking Online Classes in Order to Get a Psychology Degree?

The advantages of online courses appeal to non-traditional students, or those who already have full- or part-time jobs, a family, or other commitments to their time. Given that the online program will allow you to take courses on your own schedule and work to your own learning strengths, the Internet course schedule can be expanded or condensed as needed, allowing one to finish up their coursework in the span of a year or less if necessary.

Q. 2 What can we study for a Psychology Degree?

The course load for online programs will prepare a student to have a thorough knowledge of mental health, of social influences on behavior, and of communication with patients. This can encompass classes ranging from abnormal psychology, in which mental health is analyzed in a frame of strict diagnosis and treatment, to the statistics of psychology in which students understand the data of patients, treatments, and communication. Classes focusing on both adult psychotherapy and child therapy will be completed to get the online degree. At the bachelor’s level, the college classes will be subject-oriented, but at advanced (masters and doctorate level) classes, the student will need to understand and challenge research or findings to prove their advanced comprehension.

How Long Will it Take Someone to Complete an Online Program?

It will depend on the university’s online program and the number of credits that a student brings in. In general, an online degree may take as little as one to two years or as many as four, similar to a traditional college course load. Since online learners have a better ability to get through their classes with no waiting time, it usually takes less than two years for completion unless other commitments keep the pace down. Likewise, the cost of classes depends on the online university. A typical three-hour online course will cost between seven and nine hundred dollars. Tallying up the classroom costs with book costs, it will likely cost between five and seven thousand dollars per semester to pursue an Online Psychology Degree; a four-year bachelor’s degree will cost about twenty-five thousand dollars.

What is the Career Future and Average Salary of a Psychologist?

While this is a major investment, it can start to pay for itself upon graduation. Psychologists are in massive demand, with the profession growing twenty-two percent in the next decade, much faster than the average job prospects. With no necessary job experience and a median pay of thirty-three dollars per hour (about seventy thousand dollars per year), this career offers immediate placement and significant salary benefits. The highest paid psychologist hold advanced degrees, while those who practice mental health medicine require a license.

What are the Specialties in a Psychologist?

There is no such thing as a comprehensive psychologist, however, and it will be necessary to declare a specialization and then take classes to train in that specialty. A clinical psychologist will work with patients that have a variety of conditions presenting ranging from child development image disorders to conditions that are more chronic like schizophrenia. A cognitive and perceptual psychologist, on the other hand, may have limited exposure to patients but a massive understanding of how their minds function, focusing on how people learn, remember, and make decisions. A counseling psychologist may help families or individuals to work towards a goal, whether it is in their careers or their personal lives, and may not prescribe medicine but will have a great deal of influence over their patients. An educational psychologist will study teaching children and adults, considering factors like motivation, culture, and family background. A sports psychologist works with athletes to define their competitive performance and deal with anxiety or failure.

Should You Consider an Online Psychology Degree?

If your time is limited or you are unable to take classes at a nearby university due to proximity, it can be a great way to establish a career. Since psychology is a scientific field, it demands paying close attention and being able to keep an impartial mind towards a clinical conclusion. Students who find they lack analytical ability may be less successful.

Where to Study and Tips on Choosing Online Schools?

The best schools are those that are accredited and that can provide work-placement skills for their students. The influx of online universities that provide their students with only the coursework itself has made it difficult for many to pick what is and is not a good school, any online university that is not accredited will not be worth the time and money you put into it. It is always best to choose a program that is affiliated with a college curriculum at a major university. When you apply, ensure that your letters of recommendation and transcripts are appealing and amenable, as they will be the biggest factors towards acceptance into a psychology program.

We have collected many information from many sources to create a list the best online psychology schools. You can see the list in this page and learn more about them.

How Far Can One Go with Online Education?

Some universities only offer bachelor-level classes, while others have master’s and doctorate level classes as well. It is quite difficult to get a good-paying job with only a bachelor’s degree in psychology, meaning that many students will need to take higher-level courses in order to pursue a career. This can be a drain on time and money and must be weighed carefully against another career trajectory. Since some businesses have a bias against online programs, furthermore, due to their recent innovation and controversy about standards, a hiring decision may not be inclined to award a position to an online degree holder. Whether you get a master’s or doctorate, it is important to excel in classes and make connections with teachers who can provide letters of recommendation.

See the list of Top 3 Psychology Schools (not online) that offer online psychology degree in United States in this page.

Turning a passion for mental health into a career can be done through online programs, but the student must take very special care to ensure their efforts will pay off. It is necessary to contact potential employers to determine their opinion of online degree holders, and to make sure your specialization is geared towards an active job market. For someone willing to put in the time and effort, however, it can be much better than taking traditional classes.

Source : American Psychological Association (APA)

Note: Before applying for a Psychology Degree Program, you must check facts about the Psychology Degree Program from the official website of the college or university.

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